Love Poems to God: Veta Goler Discusses Dianne McIntyre

Dianne McIntyre

January 10, 2012

Veta Goler, division coordinator for arts and humanities and associate professor of dance at Spelman College, delivers an Emory Friends of Dance Lecture, ¿Love Poems to God: The Contemplative Artistry of Dianne McIntyre¿ on Tues., Feb. 7, 7:30 PM in Emory¿s Oxford Road Building.

Early in her career, Dianne McIntyre distinguished herself as a choreographer by creating dance works through improvisation. As her career continues to unfold, she has turned to spirituality as a major theme. In this talk, Goler will discuss McIntyre as a contemplative artist¿an artist whose creative approaches are based in accessing the present moment, one who explores experiences of spirituality in daily life, and one whose works help viewers to connect with a deep place within themselves. 

Goler has worked as a modern dance artist and dance historian¿choreographing, performing, and presenting her research on contemporary African American women modern dance choreographers, nationally and internationally. Her current research explores contemplative practices in education and the workplace. She is a national Circle of Trust® Approach facilitator, and leads retreats, workshops, and other activities based in the work of education innovator Parker J. Palmer.

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Dance and Theater Studies and the Department of Religion at Emory University. Held in the Presentation Room of the Oxford Road Building, the lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, visit


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