Catellier Dance Projects Energizes Audiences with "E"

Photo courtesy of Catellier Dance Projects

December 19, 2012

ATLANTA (December 12, 2012)¿Catellier Dance Projects turns chemical energy into kinetic energy with ¿E,¿ the third part of a series of evening-length work based on the four elements of dance, January 24-26 in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. 

¿E¿ follows 2011¿s ¿Tempo, a non-fiction dance performance¿ and last May¿s ¿¿the final frontier,¿ works examining time and space respectively. With their third piece, artistic director Greg Catellier and his intrepid group of dancers and collaborators tackle energy, employing an unpredictable bag of multimedia tricks, intricate dancing, and surprising music choices and making the most intangible element palpable and relevant. 

¿We started this process in June while at the Bates Dance Festival in Lewiston, Maine,¿ says Catellier. ¿We¿ve been creating the work with thoughts of electrical energy, potential energy and emotional energy in mind. How do we use energy? What is creative energy? How do we transfer energy from the stage to the audience and what are the consequences of our energy usage?¿ 

The Emory Dance Program presents Catellier Dance Projects in ¿E¿ January 24-26 at 8 p.m. at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, Dance Studio. Tickets are $15 general admission, $12 for discount category members, $8 for students. For more information call the Arts at Emory box office at 404-727-5050 or visit


Catellier Dance Projects

Catellier Dance Projects is the creative effort of choreographer, lighting designer, and dancer Gregory Catellier. It is an organization that focuses on creating intimate, multifaceted dance performance for the Atlanta community