Dance For Reel Brings Dance Films from Around the World to Emory

<p>"Bodrum Dream"<br/> Photo courtesy of the Emory Dance Program</p>

January 14, 2013

ATLANTA (Jan. 11, 2013) The Emory Dance Program presents dance films from all around the world with "Dance for Reel: An evening of dance on camera," Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Oxford Road Presentation Room on Emory's campus. For this installment of the ongoing "Dance for Reel" series, Curator Onur Topal Sumer brings a rich selection of short dance films from the Dans Kamera Istanbul International Dance Film Festival archive.

The line-up features short films from eleven countries with different cultures, body languages, architectures, perspectives and approaches to dance and film, most of which are being seen in Atlanta for the first time.

"Bodrum Dream" - Turkey
"Bodrum Dream" is a meditative calming dance with underwater ballerinas in the Mediterranean Sea and features text by well-known Turkish poet, Nazim Hikmet.

"Body Under Construction" - Romania
A short film about the fragmented idea of the body constructed through social and emotional perceptions.

"Ellipse" - Holland
In a world beyond time and space, two people are driven by an overwhelming desire to merge into one being.

"Maktub" - Turkey & Germany
This duet fuses hiphop dance movements with the styles of flamenco and zeybek dance, a traditional Turkish folk dance of the Aegean region. Exploring the relationship between a man and a woman, this piece questions cultural origins and how they may be expressed through dance.

"Morning Herd" - New Zealand
Morning Herd takes inspiration from working on a beef farm during the calving and weaning season and the blind faith a farmer has in the layout of his fields as he battles a large, confined animal.

"Necessary Games: Moths" - Australia
A collaboration between Restless Dance Theatre and Closer Productions, "Necessary Games" is a dance triptych about our human need to connect and the urgent games we play. In "Moths," two men collide in a dank night world, drenched with loss and heavy with hope. Who do you see in your dreams?

"Necessary Games: Necessity" - Australia

"Necessity" explores a game between two girls eternally bound together as they trace their lives onto the walls of their room and try to get below the surface.

"Private I's" - Israel
This film follows the construction, eruption, corruption and destruction of the masculine self and other. "Private I's" investigates the boundaries of masculinity and the forces that operate on the male body while borrowing from different cultures and modalities.

"Rutin" - Turkey
A partnering duet created by contemporary dance company Barefeet Dance, based in Istanbul.

"Spiegelingen" - Holland
A man is drawn into an abandoned house whose reality may not match its appearances.

"Tickle Me To Death" - Denmark
A playful dance is juxtaposed with melancholy cobblestoned streets and a mournful string soundtrack that pays homage to vintage silent films.

"8" - Turkey & Portugal
Body and space relationship may tell a lot. What we want to say is "Obrigada Lisboa."

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