Body of Knowledge: Emory Dance Program's 2013-2014 season

August 19, 2013

ATLANTA¿With interdisciplinary collaborations, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the choreographic process, community workshops and classes, and imaginative new choreography by faculty and guest artists, the Emory Dance Program¿s 2013-2014 season explores the evolution of movement languages, offering something for any dance enthusiast¿s palate.

Emory Dance Company

Emory Dance Company presents its Fall Concert, an evening of contemporary dance created by Emory dance faculty, Anna Leo, George Staib, and Lori Teague and guest artists Emily Johnson and Kristin O¿Neal, November 21¿23. The Emory Dance Company Spring Concert takes place April 24-26 and will feature new works created by students.

Friends of Dance Lecture Series

In ¿A Century of Rites: The Making of an Avant-Garde Tradition,¿ Barnard College professor of dance Lynn Garafola discusses ¿The Rite of Spring¿, choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky, with music by Igor Stravinsky. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of this legendary work of formal radicalism, Garafola, a dance historian and critic, proves how this ballet's conceptual freedom demonstrates its modernity and its engagement with the contemporary world. In anticipation of the lecture, the Emory Dance Program presents ¿Know your Rites": a video screening of Nijinsky's full length ballet and Pina Bausch¿s version.

Melanie Bales, author, dance professor at The Ohio State University, and Laban movement analyst, presents ¿Dance on Its Own Terms¿ on Tuesday, February 25 and discusses emergent dance-centered research methodologies to emphasize the importance of dance history and core disciplinary knowledge over theories imported from disciplines outside dance.

A Moving Exchange

A Moving Exchange is a series of workshops led by Emory Dance faculty. On Tuesday, October 1, Sally Radell presents a GYROKINESIS® Movement Training Class for movers of all experience and levels. Anna Leo offers a relaxing evening of Iynegar-based yoga on Tuesday, October 29. George Staib leads ¿Dance and Music: Workshopping the Love Affair¿ on Tuesday, November 5.

Dance for Reel: An Evening of Dance on Camera

On Tuesday, November 12, Emory dance faculty member Gregory Catellier and Seattle based dance and media artist Jeff Curtis will curate an evening of pieces that illustrate how particular filmic conventions are applied in the field of screendance. A second evening of contemporary dance on film will take place Tuesday, February 4.

pre-suf-fixes: Catellier Dance Projects

Gregory Catellier, artistic director of Catellier Dance Projects, looks back at previous work and forward to the next evening-length work, Corpus Mysteriis. Presenting insight into his creative process, Catellier exemplifies a transformation of concepts that cut across personal, social, and political layers, December 6-8.  

Free/Fall: Exploration of Inner and Outer Space

Directed by Theater Emory artistic director Janice Akers, Theater Emory collaborates with choreographers George Staib and Lori Teague, and composer Kendall Simpson, to present a performance project that begins with the notion of a man falling 24 miles from space and the impulse to "go ahead and jump." ¿Free/Fall¿ explores human nature, risk, relationships, flight, and how we may be like the forces of the cosmos, April 3-6 and April 9-13. 

For more information on these events and others, visit or call the Arts at Emory box office at 404.727.5050.