Catellier Dance Projects Premieres Corpus Mysteriis

Gregory Catellier and Kristin O'Neal, CDP

August 26, 2014

Emory Dance Program hosts Catellier Dance Projects! (CDP) for the premiere of Corpus Mysteriis, a meditation on the human body, September 18-20 at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. Corpus Mysteriis is the fourth in a series of evening length dance performances inspired by the fundamental elements of dance: time, space, energy, and the body.

¿We are focused on the body and what it can tell us about ourselves,¿ says CDP Artistic Director and Emory faculty member Gregory Catellier. Catellier and his collaborators explore the fragile beauty and incredible resilience that our bodies possess through movement and text.

Pieces of the dance take inspiration from Jan van Calcar¿s woodcuts in Andreas Vesalius¿ De humani corporis fabrica. These well-known images are at once grotesque, beautiful, and fascinating. Other sections examine the fragility of our bodies, injury, and our need to share details. Touch and the intimacy of skin are exposed through sophisticated, intricate partnering.

Founded in 2010, Atlanta-based Catellier Dance Projects! (CDP) creates intimate, multi-media dance performances that contemplate the empirical. Dedicated to works that cut across personal, social and political layers, CDP engages multiple performance modalities to develop sophisticated movement, compelling video, striking text and adventurous stage design. Choreographer, dancer, lighting designer and leader Gregory Catellier collaborates with performers and artists to build work that has been called ¿smartly personal, transparently accessible and deeply funny.¿ Over the years, CDP has drawn together a group of dedicated conspirators working in dance, film, digital media, music composition, graphic art and scenography.

Corpus Mysteriis premieres September 18 in the Dance Studio of the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts on the Emory University campus. Performances are September 18-20 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 full price, $12 at discount and $8 for students. For tickets and more information, visit, or call the Arts at Emory Box Office at 4004.727.5050.


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