Emory Dance Company debuts new works by emerging student choreographers

April 11, 2019

ATLANTA—This spring, the Emory Dance Company brings eight radically different choreographic works to the stage in “eight,” running April 25-27 in the Schwartz dance studio. Dance and movement studies students choreographed the works with the guidance of faculty member George Staib.

In “eight,” pieces range from the highly structural to the absurdly theatrical and everything between. Each piece highlights the choreographers’ unique movement styles.

Maria McNiece (20C) and Jacob Robbins (19C) bring works to the stage exploring structure. McNiece’s choreography moves dancers in and out of the floor to create three-dimensional geometry on a grid. With visually stunning design elements, Robbins’ work explores the power of a cohesively androgynous group.

Nate Snyder (20C) and Elise Stumpf (19C) work in the realms of theater and absurdity, collaborating closely with their dancers during the creative process. Through a comedic narrative, Snyder’s piece investigates playfulness and comments on adult resistance to play. Stumpf’s highly physical movements explore her personal episodes of mania as well as intimacy within WWE wrestling culture.

Pieces by Kelly Vogel (19C) and Kiran Bhutada (19C) explore the complexity of human relationships. In her work, Vogel and her dancers untangle the consequences of pointless divisions. Bhutada’s choreography embodies authentic relationships in human existence, encompassing variability and individualism.

In their works, Helen Wang (19C) and Fredrick Thompson (20C) draw on the personal and emotional. Wang’s piece takes inspiration from the pursuit of beauty. Thompson explores the loneliness of everyday life, even when surrounded by friends.

The Emory Dance Company presents “eight” Thursday, April 25 through Saturday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 27 at 2 p.m. All performances take place in the Dance Studio of the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts (1700 N. Decatur Rd, Atlanta, 30322). Tickets are available from the Arts at Emory Box Office at 404.727.5050, or online. For more information about the Emory Dance Program and upcoming events, visit dance.emory.edu.