Coca-Cola Artist Residencies


Sharon Isbin (right) coaching a student in a guitar masterclass

The Emory Coca-Cola Artists in Residence Program sought to substantially increase the depth, diversity, and profile of performing arts education in the Emory and greater Atlanta communities by providing opportunities for meaningful contact with the finest and most significant artists and arts scholars from throughout the world.

Artists whose work reflects international and diverse cultural dimensions were engaged for extended periods of time during which they provided Emory and Atlanta area students with teaching, master classes, individual study, and lectures often culminating in a public performance of their work. The residencies embraced collaboration with other major arts and educational organizations in Atlanta in order to reach the widest possible audience

The Coca-Cola Artist in Residence Program ended in 2011.


The Emory Coca-Cola Artists in Residence Program evolved out of conversations between several Emory University faculty and Coca-Cola Foundation executives. They agreed that although many leading writers, dancers, musicians, directors, conductors, composers and choreographers were presented in Atlanta each year, the possibility of their extended educational contact with the Atlanta community had been limited. They recognized that many top universities and arts institutions throughout the world had established large-scale artists-in-residence programs, and that none existed in Atlanta. 

John Clayton (standing with bass) and Herlin Riley (seated, front) in a Rhythm Masterclass

Emory University has had for many years one of the highest quality performing arts programs in the Southeast. The Donna and Marvin Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, scheduled to open in February 2003, was an ideal setting in which to initiate an artists-in-residence program. To increase the depth and diversity of performing arts education in Atlanta and provide Atlantans with opportunities for meaningful contact with prominent artists and arts scholars from around the world, The Coca-Cola Foundation gave its largest Arts at Emory gift, establishing the Emory Coca-Cola Artists-in-Residence Program. This residency program connects current Emory performing arts programs with the extended residency model, offering collaboration and longer-term creative influence by visiting artists. The Schwartz Center for Performing Arts became the headquarters for the program and a new link between Emory arts resources and the needs of the community.

Funds would be used toward artist fees and related program expenses, enabling Emory and the Schwartz Center to deepen their commitment to scholarship and outreach through the arts. This partnership between Emory University and Coca-Cola would provide a tremendous opportunity to meet mutual educational goals through the unique creativity of the arts, to improve the outlook for arts education in Atlanta, and to improve the quality of life in the community. The Emory Coca-Cola Artists in Residence Program was launched in January 2004.

Past Coca-Cola Artist Residencies

The Yellow Jackets teach a jazz improvisation class

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