Lodging Partners

Enjoy special rates (when available) when you place a reservation using the "Arts Rate" (for 2010-2011 Emory Arts patrons) or the "Friends Rate" for current members of Friends of Art History, Friends of Creative WritingFriends of Dance, Friends of Film, Friends of Music, Friends of Theater, Friends of Center for Creativity & Arts, and Michael C. Carlos Museum Members.

Emory Conference Center Hotel

1615 Clifton Road

"Arts Rate" is $119 and "Friends Rate" is $109 for Weekends
"Arts Rate" is $169 and "Friends Rate" is $159 for Weekdays
Rates are not guaranteed until booked, and bookings are subject to availability.

The architecture of the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright inspired the design of the Emory Conference Center Hotel. This unique hotel is sited amid twenty-six acres of natural forest preserve. The Spa, The Dining Room, The Club Room with its delightful fireplace and outdoor seating area, and room service will enhance your stay. The hotel offers free shuttle service to Emory University Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm. For reservations, call 404.712.6000.